6 Buying Tips for 10.10

10.10 will take place for the first time on October 10, 2020, in order to compete with the other major shopping days – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles day and Prime day.

We have gathered here some tips to help you find the best deals and websites on the 10.10 shopping festival.

1. Plan ahead

Planning ahead can help you focus on the products you really need, and avoid making impulse purchases of products you don’t really need.

When planning ahead for 10.10 it is important to list in advance the products you want, and set a budget for buying them.

This way you will make sure that you are buying what you really need and at a good price.

2. Check the Official Apps

Some of the best deals of the 10.10 shopping festival will be available on 2 official apps:

3. Use price drop alerts

Some of the major websites enable customers to set and receive alerts for price drops on products that are on their cart or wishlist.

4. Don’t wait for the last minute!

Whenever you find an item that is on your list in a good price – purchase it. The best deals on 10.10 can run out of stock pretty fast.

5. Consider the shipping costs

Shipping costs to different countries and continents vary from site to site.

Some sites offer free shipping when reaching a certain amount. Be sure to take these costs and discounts into account when making a purchase.

6. Don’t buy on unfamiliar sites

Every year, numerous fictitious websites pop up, using ads on social networks with very attractive offers and discounts that customers will never actually get.

Beware of unusual offers from sites you don’t know. It is highly recommended to do a google search for the combination of the unfamiliar website’s name with the word “scam”.

If the results show that the site’s reliability is questionable – it is recommended not to buy there.